The Eurasians - A Historical Minority Rich In
   It's Heritage, Music And ..... It's Cuisine


Eurasian Cakes & Pickles  FOR SALE  !!                                            Eurasian Sugee Cake                         Saltfish Pickle (Peda)                         Mixed Fruit Pickle                         Prawn Sambal Tumis                        Pineapple Jam Tarts                       Creme Horns                       Curry Puffs - Baked

Eurasian Cakes & Pickles For Sale !!

Sugee Cake   Saltfish Pickle (Peda)  
  Baked Curry Puffs     Mixed Fruit Pickle  
  Pang Susi     Prawn Sambal Tumis  
Pineapple Jam Tarts        
  Crème Horns        

For enquiries and orders, call Kathleen:
  017- 475 0913    04 - 264 1262

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