ENERGETIC GROUP Patrons doing line-dancing
          at  ROZELLS
   GREAT MUSIC - Read & 
  Lee taking to the mike to 
    perform an evergreen

Hangout For
Those Who Love Oldies

 The Star    24 December 2005     Story by: ONG JU LYNN

The Star Write-Up On The First ROZELLS Country & Western Pub In Tanjong Bungah !!

Tucked in a lovely cove in Tanjong Bungah Penang, is a heart-warming watering hole that seems to retain the vitality of years gone by. Offering an alternative to the smoke-filled deafening pubs belting out rock, R&B or techno, ROZELLS Country & Western And Oldies Pub is a favourite hangout for those who enjoy the simpler times with familiar old tunes. Here couples take to the floor and in a dance embrace, step into nostalgic melodies of yesteryears. When a certain number is played, the regulars would do a country & western line-dancing jig. But the most popular - that's when the dance floor is full - is when the "twist" is on.

PERFECT PAIR .. Rodrigues &  Rozells
doing a country and western number 
  while the patrons take to the floor

People are just ecstatic that such a place exists. They come from as far as Johore Baru and Singapore and they tell us they cannot find a place like this," said co-owner James Rozells.
Formerly called Scotch & Soda, Rozells and his partner Kathleen Rodrigues, known as the Shirley Temple Of Malaysia when she was a child singing talent, started the pub two and a half years ago. They were doing gigs at hotels and functions for 15 years before they hatched the idea of starting an oldies pub of their own. "Whenever we do oldies or evergreens, we really get good response from the people. We have tried asking hotels for a floor just for such music but they are more interested in music of mass appeal. So finally, we did it ourselves," he said.
Predictably most of ROZELLS patrons are above 40 years old, but a curious younger crowd is making their presence felt. "Most would just sit back by the beach and enjoy their drinks and watch the older patrons dance. But they're slowly creeping to the dance floor, especially to do the twist," he added.
ROZELLS die-hard, retired teacher Cat Lim, said she was hooked since she and her friends, S.G. Ooi, Mary Loh and Ann Lim chanced upon the place more than two years ago. "We love the sea, the lovely beach and the great music. It's like you never grow old at ROZELLS," she said to the laughter of her friends.
There will be an Xmas eve dinner and dance at ROZELLS today. For details, call James 017-4861885 or Kathleen 017-4750913.
Thursdays at ROZELLS will see Lee Chong Heen and Colleen Read of Mandarin Hotel's (now Agora Hotel) Captain's Bar fame, taking to the mike while Sunday afternoons (4pm onwards) is strictly country and western with "Kenny Rogers of Malaysia" - George Baum

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