A Place That Sells Nostalgia

 The Star    9 September 2005     Story by: SUPRIYA AHLUWALIA    North

ROZELLS is the kind of place that "sells nostalgia"                 You will never grow old ..... as long as you ... come to ROZELLS !!                 Head for ROZELLS so that you can fully appreciate the experience !!

It has been often said that the Rozells is the kind of place that “sells nostalgia”. To understand this, you have to visit this place to fully appreciate the significance of this statement. This pub / music joint / restaurant has been drawing the crowds at its new location at Mount Pleasure in Batu Ferringhi, Penang, since it re-opened its doors more than a year ago. The pub is run by long-time friends and business partners James Rozells and Kathy Rodrigues.

The aim behind opening a pub of their own after years spent as performers at almost all of Penang’s premier hotels was to have a place where they could focus on their love for country music. To widen their clientele they also included golden oldies from the 1920s right up to those of the 1960's. James and Kathy love to entertain the crowds with their personal requests. Every first Sunday of the month a jam session is held with local musicians. James is now planning to form an association of Penang musicians and is actively getting feedback for this. He laughingly adds :“So far it has been mostly the non-musicians who are excited about the idea.”

For many, the Rozells Country & Western And Oldies Pub & Restaurant is a local version of the popular TV series “Cheers”. For the regulars, it is a place where everybody knows your name -
maybe not everybody but at least James and Kathy will know your name. James and Kathy make attempts to know the names of everyone who comes in. They will also try to remember your favorite numbers.
Their effort is returned in kind. When the duo perform the joint’s theme song, a slight variation of a Nat King Cole evergreen, the crowd never fails to respond. The change in the track goes  “You will never grow old as long as you … come to Rozells” and patrons would raise their glasses and sing along. 

There’s a sense of familiarity at this place. Although the target group is the 40s, James said that in recent weeks he noticed there had been a gradual build-up of younger people enjoying the pub’s laid-back atmosphere.  “We want people to have a place where they can have simple, clean fun. We want to give the people what they want,” said James.
Now patrons can also enjoy a set dinner menu on Fridays and Saturdays featuring traditional Eurasian food. There are two choices. The main course can either be the pot roast beef or the famed Devil’s Curry served with rice, vegetable pickles, salted fish peda and fish cutlet. The set menu also includes a Eurasian stew. The dessert includes a slice of sugee cake, coffee, tea or soft drink. At RM20, the meal is a bargain. If you love your food spicy, then I strongly recommend the Devil’s Curry. The pub also caters for special events and can prepare a special menu for a group of more than 50 people.


To know more about Rozells as a restaurant, visit:  www.penangfoodhaven.com
and as a pub,  visit:   www. rozells.com.my.  


However, I would recommend that you head for the Rozells so that you can fully appreciate the experience.

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