2000 - 2004
 Tanjong Bungah

69 Lebuh Melayu
(off Lebuh Carnavon)

Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia


      2004 - 2008
 Mount. Pleasure

The only Country & Western and Oldies Pub in Penang and probably in the country !!  Wholly owned and managed by two enterprising Penang Eurasians, James Rozells and Kathleen Rodrigues, the pub and cafe provides highly entertaining "Live"
Oldies and Country music, excellent Eurasian home-cooked artisan food and reasonably priced drinks. Ideally located in Georgetown, a UNESCO World Heritage Site it caters to all ages and is surely "the place to be" where its heartwarming historical atmosphere and environment seems to retain the vitality of years gone by.

Howdy Folks !!                We are The ROZELLS                Welcome to our "new" ROZELLS outlet ....... "KAMPONG SERANI"               The Only Oldies & Country Pub In Penang              The Best "Live" Oldies & Country Music with Kathleen Rodrigues & James Rozells                 Situated within the UNESCO World Heritage Site we are at:  69, Lebuh Melayu, Georgetown, Penang                We are open only on Fridays for now from 7:00pm till 12:00 midnight  -  Music starts at 9:30pm                Great Oldies & Country Music                Authentic Home-Cooked Eurasian Artisan Food                Reasonbly Priced Food & Drinks                Cheerful Friendly Service               Take A Trip Down Memory Lane With Us, Enjoy Great Music and Party The Night Away               You Will Never Grow Old  ..............  As Long As You  ..............  Check Out KAMPONG SERANI and The ROZELLS                See You There !!




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