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 "The Young Penang Musicians - Talented, Vibrant And Exciting"
Penang's new breed of stars that carry the hope for the future
 and ensure continuity of it's proud and rich music heritage !!


     Penang Music - The Next Generation !!                         Our Young Music Talent !!                         The Pride Of Penang !!                                            Aaron Teoh                 Matthew Teoh                 Jordan Scully                 Goh Ee Teng                Jonathan James Scully                 Darrin James Rozells                 Christopher (Rodrigues) Estrop                 Randall Westwood                  James Baum                Clair Rozells                 Simon Christopher                 Joni Tham                 Rina Vincent

                                  THE MUSIC OF Penang   
                                       OUR YOUNG TALENT
                                   ( By James Rozells & Kathleen Rodrigues ) 
Penang which has always boasted a long list of music greats
from the late Tan Sri
P. Ramlee, Jimmy Boyle, Joe Rozells and David Ng, to music legends Ooi Eow Jin
Dato' Ahmad Merican, to international celebrities Fred Cheah and Dennis Lee
and to the new breed of local stars like the Alley Cats
..... h
as hope. Hope in the talented, vibrant, exciting and young music talents of Penang which will tomorrow, surely be, the pride of Penang and a part of it's proud and rich musical heritage.  

Let us introduce ..... the next generation of great Penang musicians !!


Aaron Teoh
  -  Age: 14     Saxophone



Matthew Teoh
  -  Age: 12     Bass Guitar


Jordan Scully  -  Age: 11     Drums



E. T.
  -  Age: 14     Keyboards


Young Penang Jazz Quartet

Jonathan James Scully  -  Age: 19     Drums

Talented young Jonathan  Scully  is the nephew of Penang jazz saxophonist,  bass guitarist & drummer William Scully. Another young Penang musician in a long line of heritage Penang Eurasian musicians, Jonathan who started playing the drums at age 6, excels at his instrument. At such a young age, this highly talented young man will surely make his mark in Penang and in the Malaysian music circle.

Darrin James Rozells
 -  Age: 21     Lead Guitar
Young and talented Darrin James, the son of James Rozells, started playing the guitar at age 10, and by   the time he was 12, was already proficient playing the old Shadows hits as well as hits from the Eagles.  Darrin also plays the bass guitar. With his band AMPM they won the "Yamaha Asian Beat" competition
2004 Northern Region finals and represented Penang in the finals in Kuala Lumpur.

Joni Tham  -  Age: 21     Vocals & Guitar
Joni Tham started playing and singing since she was 5 years old. She plays the acoustic guitar and has been blessed with an exceptionally good voice. Presently working in Penang, she’s got the dream, the drive and the talent to be highly successful in the music industry  ….  if opportunity exists !! 


Simon Christopher
  -  Age: 23     Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards & Drums

Simon Christopher, versatile musician who plays the keyboards, drums and guitar, the latter being his favourite instrument. Simon a very talented singer who does good renditions of The Eagles and Michael Buble looks forward to a career in music. Simon started playing music at age 10.

Christopher Estrop   -  Age: 24     Keyboards, Guitar & Vocals

Versatile, hardworking  and talented Christopher (Rodrigues) Estrop is the grandson of famed Malaysian jazz guitarist Larry Rodrigues ( Uncle Larry ) and son of legendary Penang songbird Kathleen Rodrigues. Chris who plays keyboards, guitar and sings embarked on his  music career at age 18.  A key member of band AMPM, they represented Penang at the "Yamaha Asian Beat" competition finals in KL in 2004.

Rina Vincent
 -  Age: 26     Vocals

Daughter of Antonio Vincent, lead singer of famed 60's band The Sweet September, Rina is another one
of the fine young singers carrying on their parents fine music tradition in  Penang.


Clair Rozells  -  Age: 28     Vocals


Probably the most promising Eurasian hope for the future. Clair, daughter of James Rozells started her singing career in 1999 at the Flying Club, Sheraton Hotel Penang with Ronny of the famed Sweet September. Experienced a short stint with a 7-piece show band in East Malaysia before returning to K.L. where she sang with Richard Hoon for functions. Back in Penang for a while Clair sang with Freddie Chin  at the Flying Club and in various private clubs. Highly talented and much sought after in Kuala Lumpur, Clair Rozells carries the hope and future of the rich Eurasian music heritage of Penang.

In concluding this paper, may I suggest to members of the public, the corporate sector and concerned music enthusiasts to make a concerted effort and support the young  musicians and singers in Penang through the establishment of music schools, support programmes and music shows which will  encourage young musicians to take on music as a professional career.

In addition, the press, so important in creating awareness and promoting our young talent will always
play a vital role in the promotion, development and eventually the future of these young music talents.
To the young Eurasians, for example Christopher (Rodrigues) Estrop, Darrin James Rozells, James Baum, Jordan & Jonathan Scully,  the descendants of the great musicians, the very young and talented Matthew  & Aaron Teoh and the many more young Penang talents who are embarking on their music careers now, we urge you to take advantage of your natural talent acquired from your family heritage, the rich and proud Penang music history  and the encouragement from your parents, family and friends and partake in your personal musical growth and development, and  not only in current music trends but also in the good ol' oldies, jazz, Malaysian and traditional music.

Finally, we would like to appeal to the State Government, relevant Government authorities, hotels and entertainment outlets to support and encourage the music profession so that it will become a viable and profitable professional career for generations to come. One step in this direction would be to  promote
the employment of local Penang musicians in our rich Penang entertainment outlets rather than employ too many foreign bands who would naturally not, contribute to nor reflect the
"Music Of Penang".


"Penang Music - Our Young Talent"  -  July 2006

  ( by  James Rozells  &  Kathleen Rodrigues )


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