Penang Hawker Food


  Assam Laksa - translucent thick rice noodles in a tangy fish soup. Topped with bits of fish, shredded cucumber, pineapple, sliced chilli, onions and  mint leaves. Add thick shrimp paste to enhance taste.   Chicken Rice - steamed or roasted chicken in linseed oil served with chicken rice and garnished with sliced cucumbers, coriander leaves and spring onions. A ginger garlic chilli dip is provided.  
  Beef Koay Teow - flat rice noodles (koay teow) in a clear beef soup. Topped with pieces of beef , tendons, intestines and beef balls. Special chilli sauce served.   Curry Mee - yellow noodles and beansprouts in a rich and spicy coconut milk curry. Served with cockles, cuttlefish, prawns, blood jelly and mint leaves. Chilli paste is added to enhance flavor.  
  Char Koay Teow - flat rice noodles (koay teow) and bean sprouts fried in soya sauce and chilli paste with prawns, cockles, egg and Chinese sausages. Egg is optional and up to the individual   Chee Cheong Chok - porridge served with pig's innards including boiled & roasted pig's intestines, blood jelly, sliced pig's tongue and grilled pork (char siew ) garnished with finely chopped spring onions.  
  Chee Cheong Fun  - steamed rice sheet noodle rolls chopped into mouth sized bits. Swathed with chilli paste, sesame oil and thick shrimp paste with a sprinkling of sesame seed   .Choon Piah - deep fried vegetable spring rolls with crab meat    
  Hokkien Prawn Mee - yellow noodles, bean sprouts and water convolvulus (kangkong) in a tasty prawn soup topped with prawns and meat. Add the pan roasted chili paste for a spicy flavor.   Hokkien Char - yellow noodles with prawns, chicken, vegetables and pork bits fried with soya sauce.  

Ikan Bakar - fish marinated in spices, wrapped in fresh banana leaves and grilled over amber charcoals. Eat with a spicy local chilli sauce with fresh shallots or just squeeze lime over it.   Indian Mee Goreng - yellow noodles fried  with bean sprouts, squid,  potatoes, prawn cake, sliced tofu and egg in a sweet and spicy chilli gravy. Egg and chilli are optional.  

Jiu Hu Eng Chai - boiled cuttlefish & water convolvulus (kangkong) swathed  with a sweet and spicy sauce. Topped with a generous sprinkling of ground peanuts and roasted sesame seeds   Koay Teow Th'ng  (Soup) - flat rice noodles (koay teow) cooked in a clear soup and topped with shredded chicken and pork, fish balls, fish cake, golden brown garlic bits and chopped lettuce.  
  Lor Bak - deep-fried minced pork rolls in beancurd skin. Served with a starchy sweet sauce, chili sauce and cucumber. Most stalls also have prawn fritters, fried beancurd and century eggs.   Lor Mee - yellow noodles in a starchy sweet gravy and topped with shredded chicken, pork and chicken feet (optional). Mix with a special chilli sauce and chopped garlic bits.  
  Nasi Kandar - rice, vegetables, and an assortment of meat or fish. Curries served in whatever combination you prefer. Mix the different curry gravies for a totally unique dining sensation.   Nasi Lemak - rice cooked in coconut milk and screwpine (pandan) leaves Served with fried dried anchovies in chili sauce and garnished with cucumber slices, hard boiled egg and roasted peanuts..   
  Fried Oysters - Oy Chean  - plain flour, tapioca, eggs and oyster, fried to perfection with a spoonful of chili paste.  Dip this delicacy into the special chili sauce mixed with diced garlic   Pasembur - Indian salad with shredded cucumber, turnip, bean sprouts, fried bean curd, potatoes, prawn fritters, hard boiled eggs, crab and other seafood. A spicy peanut sauce is ladled over this.  
  Poh Piah - filling consists of finely cut yam bean, fried bean curd, crab meat, fried onion flakes and a piece of lettuce leaf.  Wrapped roll form into popiah skin spread with a sweet and chilli sauce   Roti Canai - rich Indian pastry pancake served with a curry for dipping.  Fish or chicken curry are among the most popular choices. A glass of  hot tea with milk (teh tarik) complements the dish.  
  Sar Hor Fun  - vermicelli & flat rice noodles (hor fun) briefly charred. Prawns, pork and vegetables in a thick cornstarch gravy is poured over the charred noodles and served with green pickled chilies   Satay - skewered meat ( choice of lamb, chicken or beef ) marinated with fragrant spices and grilled over hot charcoals. Cucumbers & onions are served together with a spicy sweet peanut sauce for dipping.  
  Wan Tan Mee - noodles served dry, mixed in a dark soya sauce and  topped with barbecued pork (char siew), pork dumplings (wan tan) shredded chicken, vegetables and dried mushrooms   Wan Tan Mee Soup - noodles cooked in soup, topped with barbecued pork (char siew), pork dumplings (wan tan), shredded chicken, vegetables and dried mushrooms.  
  Lok Lok - hawker version of the steamboat where skewered pieces of fishball, meat, squid, prawns, cockles, vegetables etc are dipped in boiling soup and eaten with a sweet or chilli sauce.   Yee Foo Mee - yellow noodles
briefly charred. Prawns, pork,  vegetables cooked in a thick cornstarch gravy is poured over the charred noodles and served with green pickled chilies
  Bubur Cha Cha - dessert dish with sweet potato, banana, yam, black and red beans, boiled tapioca jelly, sago & coconut milk. Made fragrant with pandan leaves and is eaten hot or cold.   Cendol - popular dessert made from noodles-like green pea flour
( flavored & colored with the juice from screwpine (pandan) leaves ), thick brown sugar syrup and coconut milk. It is served with shaved ice.

Ice Kacang - a concoction of shaved ice, sweet corn, raisins, red beans, cendol, jelly bits and sago topped with evaporated milk and rose syrup. Banana and ice cream available at certain stalls.   Taufu Fa - another dessert  - soft custard made from soya bean and served with white or brown sugar syrup.  
  Apom - made of rice flour batter mixed with coconut milk, eggs and sugar. Traditionally baked in small open earthen pots, the edges are thin and crispy and the center, thick and fluffy.   Bang Chang Kuih - made from flour and egg batter, dusted with sugar and ground peanuts. A spoonful of margarine and sweet corns are added to make it tastier. Some stalls add cheese & banana.  

Muar Chee - steamed glutinous rice flour dough which is rolled in a mixture of ground peanuts, sugar and roasted sesame seeds.   Rojak - cucumber,  yam bean, mango, pineapple, guava, & cuttle-fish mixed in a black shrimp paste (haeko) together with crushed peanuts, sesame seeds and dried shrimp paste (belacan) powder.  


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